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  • Please provide us your website Access, CID, Intake Information & Virtual Onboarding complete & received mark “Day 1” in our process timeline or this will result in delays from the time of checkout. 
  • A Well converting landing page must be provided unless landing add on is purchased.
  • Landing page development can take up to 4-5 business days.
  • Business owner understands that Google Ad cost per click is based on the current auction bids and are subject to change within their set budget. 
  • ​Initial campaign KPIs for dialing in strategy include an increase in clicks and CTR often prior to lead performance increasing (this a good sign we’re on the right track).
  • ​​Adwords account must be established and credit card for spend added prior to onboarding or this may result in delays. 
  • ​​If a prior campaign was run, the negative keyword list and campaign history should be provided for analysis. 

"I'm so impressed with the quality of the work!
Nick is consistently over diver and that's something you don't find anybody, I highly recommend you reach out to Nick for help." 

@Kendell Linden

Nick Tsai is fantastic...he happily answers all my questions and gets my website optimized, it's an awesome service, and I highly recommend it!

@Tony Lander

Nick is very helpful and give me lots of clarity on my keyword strategy ... he is very responsible for my question and the turn around is really fast!" 

@Gina Couper 
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$200 One-Time Fee: We will build a high-converting sales funnel to capture your leads; this is optional but highly recommended. A funnel is required if you want to track conversion.

$800 Setup Fee: by checking the box, you understand that you will be charged a $800 one-time only setup fee besides the monthly management fee.

You won't be able to place an order unless you agree to the setup fee

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